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15.8x Organic Traffic in 5 Months for a Brand New Shopify Store [Case Study]

Learn how we took a brand new Shopify store and increased its organic traffic by over 1500% in just 5 months. If reading is more your thing, then see the details below… 

The Store

The store is a bootstrapped e-commerce startup in the food & beverage industry located in the UK. The solo founder has taken their passion for artisanal food and turned it into a growing brand with a loyal customer base.

Through building a following on social media and becoming active in local groups, they established a proof of concept – they offered something that the market wants and leveraged the power of a personal brand to turn followers into fans.

But they realised that this was something that needed to be built on further – by getting their products, brand and aesthetic in front of their target audience on a wider scale

After exploring advertising options on both Google and Facebook with little success, they wanted to lay a foundation for some organic growth moving forwards. They enlisted our help to begin the growth of their organic traffic through Google.

The Challenge

Starting up the business profitably in a competitive marketplace

Starting up an online store is not cheap, especially when you offer several different products. As such, every investment of both time and capital made in the early stages has to truly drive value to the business.

Technical Challenges

  • Brand new websites can be extremely difficult to generate traction on Google in the early stages
  • The lack of content was limiting visibility
  • The technical foundation of the website was causing some usability and navigation issues

The Solution

Technical Fixes, Powerful Content and High-Quality Backlinks

Website Analysis

A detailed store audit was conducted to understand exactly what was holding it back from the organic visibility it needed. Being a startup, effective allocation of resources is crucial and getting a deep understanding of the initial position meant that we knew exactly what was needed to achieve the success we saw.

What did we see?

  • 150+ missing pages
  • 150+ broken links
  • Slow load speed
  • Illogical URL structure
  • Thin content
  • No backlinks, so no industry authority

Keyword Research

A thorough keyword research was conducted to understand:

  • The level of opportunity that exists in the industry
  • Low-hanging fruit
  • New product ideas

The Improving Phase

It’s important to get to zero, by addressing the issues with the existing assets on the site. This foundation can later be built on through new content and the acquisition of backlinks to grow the organic traffic.

Learning and improving of eCommerce SEO

Technical Fixes

We made the required changes to the site that were causing usability and navigation issues, including a redesign of the homepage to improve the website’s speed.

BOFU Content

The thin content still needed to be addressed. We built the collection pages with powerful BOFU content to persuade the user to buy, should they still be unsure.

This adds relevance and value to the page, helping Google to understand that these pages should, in fact, be ranking well.

The Building Phase

The building phase is all about creating new assets for the brand to leverage moving forwards.

During the keyword research, we noticed that there is some untapped opportunity in the industry that we could make use of. So, by making some adjustments to existing product offerings, we built pages to fulfil the demand in the industry and put the new offer in front of thousands of potential customers.

Building and promoting of eCommerce SEO

The Promoting Phase

When starting with a new website, you have to be careful; the wrong foundation of backlinks can set you back months in your journey of generating organic traffic.


Because of this, we had to make sure the links we acquired were of the highest quality and industry relevant. This shows Google we are a trusted and valuable source of information in the space and helped us to see the results we did.

The Result

✅  Ranked position 2 in under 100 days

✅  Outranked eCommerce heavyweights like Amazon and eBay

✅  6x increase in the number of keywords on the first page of Google

✅  1467% increase in monthly organic search traffic

15.8x Traffic Growth Graph


Do you need to catch up with the competition in 2022?

When it comes to investing in organic growth, it’s easy to put off and chase the instant gratification.

But the reality is it’s getting too late

The competition is getting smarter, they understand they need to focus on profitability through free traffic and boosting conversions.

In our store review, we’ll sit down and understand what’s holding you back right now and what we can do about it to:

  1. Explode your organic traffic
  2. Turn your casual visitors into eager buyers

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