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Ecommerce SEO Strategy

Take a look at the framework that I’ll be using to get you onto page one of Google. Want to try it out for yourself? Follow these steps and fill in your knowledge gaps with some YouTube research.

Content Creation

When it comes to SEO for ecommerce businesses, the strategy is slightly different to traditional, local SEO: your prospective customers don’t always know they need you so it’s our job to create a strong content strategy that gets you in front of them.

Technical Maintenance

The foundation of SEO cannot be forgotten. We’ll make sure your site is running exactly how it should before diving into the more ‘glamourous’ parts of SEO (for me anyway). This includes site structure and performance. You can’t fire a cannon out of a canoe, after all!

Link Building

At Overdot Marketing, I engage in outreach link building only. Why? Because I believe it’s the most sustainable and the best way to grow authority in a ‘white hat’ way. Yes, it’s more time consuming than other methods but I would always favour the more sustainable solution.

Ecommerce SEO Audit

An effective ecommerce SEO campaign always starts with an audit. This is where we will uncover the exciting opportunity that exists for your business, as well as any problems that need sorting out to build a solid foundation. This is done by using a variety of tools in order to build a well-rounded picture of exactly where we are starting with the campaign and the possible opportunities that exist to grow.

The audit uses a range of tools to get a good understanding of each aspect of SEO, where your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth lie.

At Overdot Marketing, I would always make sure that the SEO process is as educational and transparent as possible. Even if you just wanted an audit, you’d still be able to gain a lot of value for your business.

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Technical Fixes

We can’t fire a cannon out of a canoe! We’ll ensure that your site has a solid technical foundation to start with. Our audit from the previous step will likely uncover most of the issues that we will need attending to.

The main parts of technical SEO include:

  • Crawling and indexing
  • Site speed
  • Content and site architecture

No matter how good your content and links are, you’ll probably always lose out to your competitors if your website isn’t technically sound.

I’ll ensure that your site is structured in the best way for both humans and robots to navigate easily.

If your site is running slowly, your customers aren’t going to stick around and you’ll lose rankings on the search engines; we’ll speed up your site and make sure it’s providing a great experience to your visitors.

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Once the technical fixes have been made, we’ll be ready to move on to making the other optimisations and start climbing the rankings.

Keyword Research

The first part of keyword research is understanding the search terms that each of your current pages should be targeting. I’ll find out where the strong opportunity lies for your ecommerce store and where we will place our efforts going forwards. From this stage we will get a good understanding of the competition we are up against as well as the type of website visitors we can expect from the campaign.

Long-Tail Keywords

We won’t necessarily be trying to compete with the huge brands as we can still get loads of customers from SEO without doing so. The majority of Google searches are longer than 4 words – this presents a huge opportunity for us to target keywords that are highly specific to the service you offer.

What does this mean?

The traffic landing on your site will be exactly who you want to land there, and are more likely to make a conversion as a result.

While short-tail have the volume, your real wins will be from long-tail keywords.

On-Page Optimisation

Following the research completed, we can then make the necessary changes to your current pages to help Google to understand what your site is about. In some cases, this may also include adding new pages or removing existing ones.

Content Creation

What’s slightly different about SEO for Ecommerce compared to traditional local SEO is that it’s difficult to build backlinks to your product and category pages. This means that, without the right strategy, your store’s pages aren’t going to be ranking where you need them to be. That’s where an effective content strategy comes in. We’ll use high-quality content to build your site’s topical relevance and authority within your space. An effective content strategy will include pieces for every stage of your marketing funnel, to raise awareness of your ecommerce brand to a huge range of potential buyers.

SEO Content Strategy

I’ll start by developing a content strategy based on an extra round of keyword research to find where additional opportunities exist for your store. Following this, I’ll then form ideas for these pieces of content and map them to the appropriate stage in your buyers’ journeys. Each of these pieces of content will then need to be matched with a purpose, with an indication of the desired next steps we’d like your site visitor to take.

Strong Content to Boost Your Business

Around 10% of your content will need to be really high-value pieces that are going to be stand-out resources within your industry.


These pieces will play a huge role in gaining authority through links to your site and social media shares. This piece will also internally link to other blog posts on your site, raising their authority too.

These strong content pieces won’t be quick to churn out, we want to make sure that this is the best of the best and will truly leave your website visitors wondering, “how am I getting this much value for free?”

Award Winning SEO content

Want SEO Taken Off Your Hands? I'd Be Happy to Help

I appreciate this framework can seem like a lot to follow, especially for the beginner. If you’d be interested to see how Overdot can help you, go ahead and book your call.